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How to apply for to qualify pre-approval personal loan amount of $40000. Register to login Myinstantoffer Lending Club online for scam free personal loan.

Myinstantoffer Lending Club is the world’s largest online peer to peer lending platform. It was started in 2006 by Facebook, as one of its very first user applications. Soon after, it secured investments from prominent investors Norwest Venture Partners and Canaan Partners, and successfully developed itself into a full-scale business. By December, 2015, Lending Club claims to have created nearly $16 billion in loans.

What is myinstantoffer? is the official website for Lending Club. It’s the online forum that connects millions of buyers and lenders, and gives you loaning and investing options.

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Why should I borrow from myinstantoffer.Com or Lending Club  ? Lending Club pre-approved personal loan has the highest customer-satisfaction rates in the finance service industry. It manages to keep its consumer market satisfied by making attractive offers to its borrowers and investors, by providing risk-free and reliable investment opportunities and easy, viable options for all consumers. Here’s a list of reasons why Lending Club is far better than other options:

  1. Applying for a loan at Myinstantoffer is extremely easy; the online application form can be filled anytime, results start coming within minutes and users can choose viable offers from a variety of options. Borrowers can also prepay the entire borrowed amount any time they wish or make fixed monthly payments for the entire term of their loan.
  2. The interest rate is far lower at myinstantoffer than it is at most credit card companies, banks and on loans from other private investors.
  3. You can pay off the entire amount beforehand, and you won’t be penalized. You’ll also not have to pay the interest that you would have accrued in the future.
  4. Lending Club is a reliable, legitimate company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They receive a fair rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  5. Myinstantoffer Lending Club ensures the privacy of all user information. It does not sell, distribute or make public any personal or private information of its borrowers and only releases facts that are relevant and required by the investors to provide loans. This ascertains that users are not putting their private information at risk when they access this online resource. They can place confidence in the company’s privacy policy.
  6. Lenders can never approach borrowers privately, because they do not have access to customer information. Lending Club also has a thorough screening process that ensures reliable lending.
  7. Lending Club is operates with transparency. It is committed to providing its users all the information about their past loan and investor performance, background data about the company and its services. When applying for loans, it is crucial that the source of the loan be credible and reliable, its deal transparent and with no strings attached. It is also essential that potential borrowers are aware of the policies of the service provider and the terms and conditions of the investor.

Why should I invest at  Myinstantoffer Lending Club?

Investment at myinstantoffer is a good option because the investment process is simple, and the average investor receives a good profit of 5.47% to 10.22%.

The procedure to invest is also straight-forward and provides its users solid returns. Investors can build a portfolio over time by lending with increments as small as $25. They can also reinvest payments in parallel or withdraw their amount.

What are Lending Club Promissory Notes?

In 2008, Lending Club stopped registering further borrowers; it filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission for approval to issue its lenders promissory notes. The request was approved by the SEC and the process completed by October 14, 2008 and the website began registering new lenders again. Hereby, notes issued after the date are security from Lending Club itself rather than a direct requirement for the borrower. The club purchases loans from a bank and promissory notes, by default, become obligations of Lending Club instead of the borrower of the loan.

Lending Club pays the owner of the note the money returned by the borrower and deducts its service fees.  The owners of the note become unsecured creditors of Lending Club. The lender may lose their money if the company becomes bankrupt.

Lending Club partners with FOLIOfn Investments; the notes can be bought and sold on their website; the Foliofn trading platform, which offers, a secondary market for the notes. This makes Lending Club the first of its kind peer-to-peer lending network that offers such a large secondary market to its users. This means that investors can sell their notes before they mature and the buyer can then have them cashed for their worth. FOLIOfn Investments charges a fees of 1% on note sales.

Till 2016, one of the major provider of funds for Lending Club was hedge funds.

How do I Apply for a Loan at My Instant Offer?

To apply for your loan, visit You will be taken directly to Lending Club’s website where you must login to fill an online form. The information required in this form will be:

  • Amount: You will be required to define an amount between $10,000 to $40,000 and state the purpose of securing the loan. You must tell them your current credit score which defines what your history has been so far. You must choose from several options including: Excellent (greater than 720), Good (660 – 720), Fair (600- 660), Poor (600 or less) or Don’t Know.
  • Identity: Here the requirement is that you clarify who is applying for the loan, whether you are an individual, whether you have any partners. Applying with partners makes a person eligible to greater amount of loan.
  • Personal Information: The website will enquire your age or date of birth and details about yourself.
  • Your income: The website will demand to know your income. Your income is the amount that you receive monthly whether in the form of salary, pension or state-provided incomes. You must clarify what other sources of income you have using which you wish to clear your debt.
  • Name: Your credit report is linked to your name which will allow them to verify your credit.
  • Address: Your postal address is required for additional verification.
  • Email address: Your email address will allow the club to contact you and set up your account.
  • Terms and Conditions: You will be required to consent to an online contract where you confirm that you understand and agree to abide by the loan provider’s policies.
  • Social Security Number: Users are asked to provide their social security numbers.

My Instant Offer will now confirm whether you are eligible to apply for a loan. In case you are, you can consider all the different options and even apply for more than one loan.
However, in case your application is rejected, you will be sent a link that specifies the reasons for this.

Applying?? Here are some precautionary measures:

If you’re going to apply for the loan, make sure you stay on the safe side by:

1.    Read the Terms and Conditions

Borrowers should ensure they have done enough research to be aware of the legal bindings of the contract they are signing. For example, borrowers should know the maximum payment period and the methods of payment. The APR should be made clear by the borrower and fees in dollars, should be confirmed.

2.    Confirm the Processing Time

In case you are short on time and require your loan within a specified period, you should consider lenders who would have that sort of quick service. This would ensure that you do not have to wait for the loan, which is arranged on time by the lender and your work proceeds smoothly.

3.    Compare

The best way to find the lowest interest rates and best payment options and loan terms is to do one’s homework. Find and compare all the possible lenders registered with the website and their details. Try to look for the best rated, the cheapest and most convenient lender you can find. This would ensure that you save time, money and trouble later on. Before selecting a lender, read their reviews, consumers’ comments, and the overall acceptability and reliability of their claims.

4.    A Few more Tips….

  • Only borrow as much money as you urgently require. The larger the amount you borrow, the greater interest you will be charged for it.
  • Making payments on time will prevent the frequent and bothersome notifications, mails and phone calls.
  • Improve your credit score by making payments on time.
  • Take a 3-year loan instead of a five-year loan so that you do not pay higher interest.

What next?

Once your loan has been funded, the money will be transferred to your bank account, usually after four working days. ensures that your identity and personal information remain protected and that your funder is not able to contact you directly.

How do I invest at Myinstantoffer Lending Club?

For investors to invest at Lending Club, they must meet certain prerequisites:

  • There is a minimum income requirement of $70,000 in certain states, although this could be greater in other states.
  • Even then, if a person has a net worth greater than $ 250,000, they need not meet the income requirement. However, the person’s maximum investment may not exceed 10% of their net worth, in any such case.

Promissory notes of investment are not available in some states in the US, such as Kansas, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon and Columbia.

  • The minimum amount to be invested in a single note is $25, and is also the minimum for opening an account at Lending Club.

Manual Investment: To invest manually at My Instant Offer, you can browse all the available options at their website and choose which ones seem like the best investment.

Automated Investment: In automated investment, you can set a criteria based on which notes are automatically selected for you.

Buying Promissory Notes: You can invest entirely in an individual loan, or minimize the risk by buying loans in fractions in the form of notes, by increments of $25.

How does Lending Club Work?

Lending Club offers on its website information of thousands of potential borrowers ranging from individuals to businesses and companies. It also provides all relevant details of the borrower; their financial history, income, requirement, credit history, credit score and reliability. All of these details can be uploaded by anyone hoping to secure a loan through a website application at Based on the provided information, Lending Club defines a credit grade to each borrower, which determines the interest rate at which they will have to pay. According to, customers report a 24% lower interest rate at Lending Club when compared with conventional bank-granted loans. Usually, the loan will be repaid within the next three years, however, loan options for five years are also available albeit at a higher interest rate.

The previous performance statistics of Lending Club are fairly impressive. According to data provided by, its average borrower had been with the club for 16.2 years, had a FICO score of 699, 17.7% income ratio, $73,945 personal income and loaned about $14,553 annually.

Investors can access the loan listings on the website and depending on their requirements- short-term repayment or higher rates- they can choose borrowers they find convenient. Once the loan has been given, the borrowers will pay monthly remittance and the lenders will earn monthly interest.

Read the Reviews of Myinstantoffer.Com Personal Loan Qualification

My Instant Offer is an authorized company. Scott Sanborn is the owner of My Instant Offer. There were many roamers about this company on social media due to the wrong information provided by some anonymous. This Lending Club company is pointed by one of its offer that is the company make the direct link to the buyer and the seller and also offers a loan up to 40,000$ to their eligible candidate. Due to this offer some people call it a scam.

The website lending club is the one of the most popular online service of providing loans. MyInstantOffer is offering you the low interest rate with comparison to the other companies. They offer loan to the borrowers and provide the details to the investors about the payments of the loan.

The loan facility provided by Web Bank that follow up all the details about the credit or interest that is loaned. Also make a web of connections like Lending Tree, Prosper, Quicken Loan and Lower My Bills etc.

Use your Myinstantoffer Loan For:

If you urgently need money to get rid of your problems My Instant Offer help to get loan up to 40,000$. You can use your loan for much purpose such as:

  • You can pay the interest of your credit card.
  • Pay your home rent and other home expenses.
  • Spend your vacation by the loan.
  • You can buy a car by loan.
  • Use your loan for your medical expenses.
  • Pay the school and tuition fees.

Personal information for Qualification process:

After the acceptance of your application you will be directed to the page You have to enter you’re the required amount of loan and also your credit score. After that you have to provide some personal details to complete the qualification process.

  • Provide your address.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Enter your income details.
  • Agree to the terms and condition by clicking on “Agree” button.
  • Click on “Get My Loan” button.
  • Your application will be processed and a notification will be shown whether you are qualified for the loan or not.

Reasons of the Rejection of Lending Club Loan Application:

  • If your FICO credit id below 600$ you are not eligible for the loan. Or if you have a high credit then also you are not eligible.
  • You must have a permanent job or a proper job so you could pay the loan easily. Company also requires the tax records of the job you are doing currently.
  • Your application will be rejected if you already have a debit.
  • If you are not financially stable to pay back the loan then you can’t get the loan.
  • If you calculate the ideal amount then it will help you to make a plan to return it and you won’t be panic.

Reasons of Best Offer for You:

  • MyInstantOffer Satisfy you by its terms and conditions if you are a responsible applicant. They guide you about the payment method of loans.
  • The faster service. Imagine if you want the loan within a week then My Instant Offer lend you the loan as fast as you need.
  • You can also compare the My Instant Offer with the other companies providing the loan and check their review as well to make the comparison.

My Instant Offer is legal company and it is very easy and simple procedure to apply for the loan at The company rated 7 out of 10 in the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You loan details are save and they take care about your privacy as well. The interest of My Instant Offer is also very low in rates. You can have the option to pay your loan on time so that you don’t have to pay any interest.

Is Myinstantoffer Lending Club is Scam

Legal and Safe Loan at- Leading Club

Leading club is a well-known legal company that provides the loan on very low interest. Now a days there are many fake news about Leading Club that it is a scam. Well let see it in the light of some authentic proofs that whether it is a scam or not. There is much news that we will display below to prove that it is not a scam but a very reliable company that provides loan on very low rates interest.

News Verification

Leading club has many stories in different news papers such as The New York Times, CBS News, CNN and USA Today that will assure you about the reliability of Leading Club:

The New York Times

It is the news in this news paper that the Google recently invested 125 million dollar in Leading Club that increase the worth of Leading Club to 1.5 billion dollars. If it was a scam then Google won’t make such a big investment in any unauthorized firm. This shows that the Leading Club is not a Scam and a very great platform to get loans easily.       

CBS News

CBS News shows news in March 2013 about different companies which are playing a good role in connecting people together directly for different reasons. The purpose of connection them may includes renting a house through getting loans. In this news they show Leading Club in those companies which are providing loans to people and connect them.


John Mack, who was running the financial company name Morgan Stanley, joined Leading Club in April 2012. The article in CNN shows that the company gets the interest of not only the public but also the interest of different experts.

USA Today

This news channel shows in 2013 that how the physical companies transferring their branches in online marketing. For this purpose they gave the example of the Leading Club that it is providing its services online.

Progress Record of Leading Club

Leading club is a face book application made by Renaud Laplanche in 2007. The purpose of making this application is to connect people of different region and also provide an easy way to give loans to applicants. After Seven years the Leading Club crosses over 5 billion dollars of loans to people. The CEO of Leading Club led the company with great efforts to bring it up.     

The future plans of Leading Club include the three upcoming branches of bank that have been signed up for the success of Leading Club.

Advantages that Offers by Leading Club

  • Low rates of interest from any other company that is offering loans to its customers. The reason that why they are offering such low rate interest? is that they don’t have any staff to pay their salary, no security charges and no maintenance charges.
  • All of the formality of loan will be done online.
  • It connects the people together as per need.
  • Leading Club is offering their customers only 9% of interest while the other banks charges 15% of interest on their loans.
  • Leading Club offers good and quick process to apply.
  • Its website is easy to use.
  • It has a very simple and easy procedure of application.

Better Business bureau (BBB) is one of the most respected and trust worthy company of United state of America. BBB have done complete investigation about the Leading Club that the way they treat their customers and complains of their customers. After checking it completely the BBB rated A to the Leading Club.

This Leading Club website is completely secure and viruses protected. This is secured by TRUSTe and Verisign security that is the most excellent security companies for the websites.

How to Login Myinstantoffer to Manage the Loan Payments

Lending Club is an online web portal. We are not a bank. We are the easiest way of making healthy business relation of the investors and borrowers. You can get easy and safe personal loan up to 40,000$ through

Lending club is working since 2007. It make link between the investors and borrower. They also provide different facilities and services to their user you can get unsecured short loans without visiting any bank. It’s a very easy process to make an account on Myinstantoffer Lending Club.

Steps to Set up Lending Club Login Online Account:

Lending Club Myinstantoffer offers you Pre Approve personal loan by using their portal through which you can easily get in touch with the investors. You must have an account on Lending Club to avail its benefits. Follow these steps to login easily to your account:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Open the website
  • A page will appear.
  • Now click on the “Sign-in” option at the top-left side of the page.
  • You will direct to the member sign-in page.
  • Enter your “Email address” in the given blank space.
  • Enter your “Password” in the required field.
  • Choose the option whether you want the browser to remember your password an email or not.
  • Click on the “Sign-in” option.

If you forget your password you can easily recover your account by following these simple steps:

  • Open the website of Lending Club.
  • Then Click on the “Sign-in” option.
  • On the members sing-in page you will see option of “Forget Password”
  • Click on the”forget password” option.
  • Enter the required details.
  • Answer some personal questions related with your account.  

Steps to Create an Account on Lending Club:

You can create an account online at Leading Club They provide your two options whether you can choose the borrower account or investors account as per your need and requirements:

  • Open the web browser.
  • Open the official website a page will appear.
  • Click on the “sign-in” option.
  • You will see an option of “Don’t have an account yet ”
  • Select your desired Account type.
  • Select the state you live in.
  • Enter your email address
  • Select your password for the account
  • Click on “Next” button.
  • You have to provide your personal information such as name, address, date of birth and other related information for the verification process.
  • You can fund your account.
  • You have to choose strategy for your investments.

Benefits of Lending Club Online Account:

You can get several benefits as a borrower and as well as an investor of Lending Club. Following are the list of benefits for a user of Lending Club:

  • Lending Club is not a bank it is an online link between the borrower and investor so you don’t have to take stress about visiting its branch for any registration process.
  • They provide an online registration process for borrower and investors at
  • You can get loan from 1,000$ to 40,000$.
  • It directly connects the investor to the borrower so they can fix an easy installment process of their loans.
  • Lending Club only charge 1% to 6% interest.
  • You can get personal loans of 40,000$.
  • You can get Business Loan up to 5,000$ to 300,000$ on very low fix rate.
  • You can get auto refinancing loan
  • Health benefits loan also provided to patients according to their need.
  • You can invest in an individual.
  • You can also invest in an institute
  • You can have bank partnership as an investor.
  • You can invest in retirement accounts.
  • You can also be a part of Lending Club Asset Management client

Contact Us

  • You can use the postal address to contact:

LendingClub Corporation

Dept. 34268

P.O. Box 39000

San Francisco, CA 94139

  • You can email us at:

  • Use our courier address :

WFB – Lockbox Services

Attn: Lending Club Corporation

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  • Call on the service care center number at:


Monday – Friday: 6:00am – 5:00pm

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