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Legal and Safe Loan at- Leading Club

Leading club is a well-known legal company that provides the loan on very low interest. Now a days there are many fake news about Leading Club that it is a scam. Well let see it in the light of some authentic proofs that whether it is a scam or not. There is much news that we will display below to prove that it is not a scam but a very reliable company that provides loan on very low rates interest.

News Verification

Leading club has many stories in different news papers such as The New York Times, CBS News, CNN and USA Today that will assure you about the reliability of Leading Club:

The New York Times

It is the news in this news paper that the Google recently invested 125 million dollar in Leading Club that increase the worth of Leading Club to 1.5 billion dollars. If it was a scam then Google won’t make such a big investment in any unauthorized firm. This shows that the Leading Club is not a Scam and a very great platform to get loans easily.       

CBS News

CBS News shows news in March 2013 about different companies which are playing a good role in connecting people together directly for different reasons. The purpose of connection them may includes renting a house through getting loans. In this news they show Leading Club in those companies which are providing loans to people and connect them.


John Mack, who was running the financial company name Morgan Stanley, joined Leading Club in April 2012. The article in CNN shows that the company gets the interest of not only the public but also the interest of different experts.

USA Today

This news channel shows in 2013 that how the physical companies transferring their branches in online marketing. For this purpose they gave the example of the Leading Club that it is providing its services online.

Progress Record of Leading Club

Leading club is a face book application made by Renaud Laplanche in 2007. The purpose of making this application is to connect people of different region and also provide an easy way to give loans to applicants. After Seven years the Leading Club crosses over 5 billion dollars of loans to people. The CEO of Leading Club led the company with great efforts to bring it up.     

The future plans of Leading Club include the three upcoming branches of bank that have been signed up for the success of Leading Club.

Advantages that Offers by Leading Club

  • Low rates of interest from any other company that is offering loans to its customers. The reason that why they are offering such low rate interest? is that they don’t have any staff to pay their salary, no security charges and no maintenance charges.
  • All of the formality of loan will be done online.
  • It connects the people together as per need.
  • Leading Club is offering their customers only 9% of interest while the other banks charges 15% of interest on their loans.
  • Leading Club offers good and quick process to apply.
  • Its website is easy to use.
  • It has a very simple and easy procedure of application.

Better Business bureau (BBB) is one of the most respected and trust worthy company of United state of America. BBB have done complete investigation about the Leading Club that the way they treat their customers and complains of their customers. After checking it completely the BBB rated A to the Leading Club.

This Leading Club website is completely secure and viruses protected. This is secured by TRUSTe and Verisign security that is the most excellent security companies for the websites.

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